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About Us
SYNCOR Cathodic Protection Co. Ltd was established in 1999 in China under the name Suzhou POLCOR Sacrificial Anodes Manufacture Co LTD., and today, is a subsidiary company of SYCHEM SA (Greece). SYCHEM SA is a pioneer group of companies specialized in water treatment, corrosion engineering and energy saving.
SYNCOR is a corrosion control company that provides Cathodic protection material and Engineering services for the Marine and Offshore Industry.
We manufacture high quality Zinc and Aluminum Sacrificial anodes and we design, assembly, and trade ICCP systems and CP materials from qualified OEM suppliers. SYNCOR can provide worldwide, the full range of services for the successful implementation of a CP project including design, manufacturing, consulting, delivery, installation supervision and commissioning.
SYNCOR is also the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of POLCOR sacrificial anodes in China.
In the field of corrosion protection, SYCHEM group has been involved in major international projects like the protection of the GMMRA project in Libya (the biggest water piping system in the world) as well as the protection of Yang Shang Project in China (the biggest port in the world). The prestigious projects in oil refineries, ships, FPSO, ports, jetties and other major offshore structures are the best advertisement for SYNCOR products and services.


  Laboratory   Quality Assurance/Safety
The head office is located in the centre of Shanghai and it is supported by a group of experienced personnel in management, engineering and sales.
SYNCOR factory & administrative office covers a total area of 3000m2. The factory is located in Taicang City of Jiangsu Province, 60km from Shanghai. It is equipped with state of the art facilities for production and quality control.
1nos 2t Aluminium furnace
2nos 0.6 t Aluminium Furnace
4nos 0.4t Aluminium Furnace
5nos 3t Cranes
1nos 3t Forklift
1nos 120t Bend Machine
1nos Sandblasting Machine
1nos Hawk Shaw
3nos Welding Machines
A well organized logistics system based to our factory and head office can ensure the reliable and on time delivery of our products worldwide.

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