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 Permanent Monitoring System

SYNCOR has developed a-state-of-the-art permanent monitoring system for cathodic protection systems with sacrificial anodes for installations on harbors, jetties, offshore platforms etc.
Central Unit
The monitoring system is based on the installation of reference electrodes, which are connected to a central PLC unit that has a touch panel and the possibility of remote monitoring via an Ethernet connection and a SCADA application. The system allows continuous monitoring of the potential in representative locations, indicating the efficiency level of operation of the installed sacrificial anodes.
Furthermore, test spots can be installed and may be used to perform a potential survey on the whole structure (all piles), or to calibrate and test the permanently installed reference cells. The system can be easily programmed to anticipate a voltage drop between electrodes installed at different locations. The central panel can be easily programmed to provide alarms if the protection potential is not negative enough or if any of the reference cells has been disconnected.  
Junction Boxes
IP66/IP67 junction boxes, including signal converters, are used to gather electrodes in groups and transfer the signals to the central PLC unit. All the electronic materials are from accredited EU manufacturers. Certified ATEX equipment, such as junction boxes, are available in stainless steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, or polyester, and are suitable for use in hazardous environments.
To reduce the size of cables, we use digital converters to convert the potential into a digital signal. LiYCY signal cables are used to drive the digital signal from the junction box to the control unit.
Reference Electrodes
Permanent reference Ag/AgCI electrodes, with cable tails of 6mm2 HMWPE and length of 30m, are encapsulated in steel cases with waterproof resin, and are fixed on each offshore structure. The installation is performed by the contractor and the appropriate position of the reference electrodes is provided on the installation drawings.
Central Unit
Signal Junction Boxes
Reference Electrodes
Touch Panel
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